Burberry Eyewear
2012 / Burberry

To celebrate the new sunglasses collection, Burberry came up with a campaign having musicians performing at several Burberry events held in Paris, Milan, New York and Sydney over four nights in May. The campaign highlighted a new collection of timeless Burberry aviator sunglasses that was inspired by the character, feelings and power of Burberry, good music and the British summer.

My role on this campaign consisted pretty much all design stages, from concept to final execution. I worked from the very initial architecture of the experience to the final interface design. This involved developing several visual concepts and prototyping these in after effects as we wanted to make use of several diagonal semi-transparent parallax layers sliding over the content between sections taking inspiration from the sunglasses lenses transparency.

In the end, we ended with an HTML5 executed campaign holding 4 vertical experiences through different rock bands showcasing video and stills presenting several products. The result was the most visually and technically ambitious experience on Burberry.com to that date.