Diesel Island
2011 / Diesel

Following the success of ‘Be Stupid’ campaign, Diesel set about creating a entirely new and stupid society: Diesel Island.

Equal parts social game, fashion catalogue and irreverent history lesson, this tells the story of Diesel’s sovereign state and prompts users to ascend the ranks from “Illegal Immigrant” all the way through to “President” by settling on the Island and performing civic duties which inform the democracy. Each Island President gets unmoderated control of Diesel’s Twitter feed for a day. Other features include the ability to explore the Island and the clothes via a 360 Streetview mechanic as well as the “Pirate Radio Station”, where users can search for virtually any existing piece of music to soundtrack their experience.

While based at London’s Stink Digital I was responsible for creatively translate this whole new concept onto an online tangible product and therefore to set the art direction for this. Leading the creative team the final result sets a whole new communication language for Diesel’s 2011.

Bronze Cyber Lion @ Cannes 2011